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Why Use an Executive Recruiter ?

A well managed company relies on the expert services of outside professionals such as Accounting, Advertising and Legal firms.  Judicious employers regard Executive Search firms in a similar fashion.

There can be no doubt that one of the most crucial elements of a company’s success is the quality of the people it employs. Executive Recruiters have well honed skills for identifying those individuals with proven skills and track records that set them apart from the pack.

There are numerous reasons why using an Executive Recruiter is advantageous. Following are some of the most important ones:

  • shakeProvide confidentiality in sensitive hiring situations
  • Efficiently help you avoid the high cost of a vacant position
  • Effectively help you to avoid the high cost of bad hires
  • Save you the time and effort of wading through stacks of unqualified résumés
  • Provide you with quality candidates recruited through extensive networking
  • Provide you with top notch professionals who prefer third party representation to preserve their confidentiality
  • Help employers evaluate and refine their expectations
  • Provide feedback and guidance throughout the interview and hiring process

Why Use ExeCareer Search Group

ExeCareer Search Group (ExeCareer) offers more than 20 years of recruiting excellence in its area of expertise-INSURANCE.

Our commitment is to partner with you and your organization and to become your trusted advisors. Our services are customized to meet the staffing needs of our individual clients. Below are some of the services we provide in the search process:

  • shake2Evaluate your job description and compensation package
  • Research to identify and locate a talent pool
  • Recruit potential candidates
  • Screen candidates according to your job requirements
  • Weed out the window shoppers and non-qualified
  • Generate interest in your opportunity
  • Present qualified candidates for your consideration
  • Arrange interview(s)
  • Prep candidate(s) for interview(s)
  • Follow-up with candidate/hiring authority after each interview
  • Work with you in putting together an acceptable offer
  • Present offer to successful candidate
  • Provide assistance in negotiating an acceptance
  • Guide candidate through resignation and potential counter-offer stages
  • Follow up after the new employee comes on board to make certain that there has been a smooth transition and that all parties are satisfied

ExeCareer is well tuned in to the insurance industry. We have an established network of contacts to help lead us to the most qualified individuals for your existing need in the shortest amount of time. Usually those people exist right in your geographical location saving you costly relocation expenses. Since we work on a contingency basis, the fee for our services is due only once we have successfully completed the assignment.

We take pride in our quality performance and understand the value of customer satisfaction. Our reputation is of utmost importance to us. Our services to your organization and the fee involved should you hire our candidate are really a long term investment in quality. Our goal is to become “Your 1st Choice in Executive Search”.

We have identified two very informative articles written on the subject of hiring.

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Please refer us to other hiring managers who might benefit from our services. Our continued success is built upon networking.

Our company also offers cost effective Virtual Out-Placement Services on an Individual and Group basis. Please click here for more information.

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