Has Your Company Made the Difficult Decision
To Lay Off Staff?


Let Us Help Your Displaced Employees Transition to New Jobs
With our Affordable Outplacement Solutions

What is the Benefit of Offering Outplacement?

Whether your company budgets for outplacement as a stand-alone benefit or as part of a severance package, the bottom line is that presenting this service to displaced employees is a smart business decision. Offering outplacement demonstrates to remaining employees, customers, vendors, shareholders and the community, in general, that your company values its human capital. Most importantly, it helps the displaced worker preserve their self-esteem and get re-employed more quickly.

Outplacement Needs Have Changed

As executive recruiters, we speak to unemployed professionals on a daily basis. Today’s displaced employee is very likely to have access to a phone, computer and Internet. They no longer need an outplacement firm to provide them with office space and equipment. We have listened to what services these displaced employees tell us they would like their former employers to provide for them. With this in mind, we have created an outplacement solution that will be effective for them and affordable for you, whether you are downsizing 1 or 100 employees.

We focus on providing the unemployed worker with what they really need –coaching from an expert who KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS the job market and what it takes to ace out their competition.

Services We Offer

  • Résumé Revision and Writing
  • Cover Letters that Get Results
  • Assessment Tools
  • Virtual Career & Interview Coaching (Group & Individual). Topics include:
    • The Importance of Attitude
    • How Self-Talk affects your Self-Image
    • Resumes that become “tickets to interviews”
    • Cover Letters that Work
    • Planning for Success
    • Setting Career Goals
    • Identifying Target Markets
    • How to Contact the Decision Maker
    • Secrets that will help you ACE a job interview
    • The Importance of Networking
    • Overcoming Objections
    • What You Need to Know About Job Offers
    • The Benefits of Working with Recruiters
  • Don’t’Interview…Audition, a tool that will turbo charge the results of any job search
  • Job Search Guidance
  • Interview Preparation & Follow-Up
  • Job Offer & Negotiation Assistance

Affordable Outplacement . In Any Location

We work with jobseekers via telephone and e-mail.  This method reduces our overhead costs and allows us to offer more affordable outplacement services to your company. It also gives us the flexibility to work with displaced employees in any geographical location. Our client base consists of administrative staff to executive level professionals……all with the same goal, to transition to a new and satisfying career opportunity!


For additional information about how we can effectively and affordably provide your former employees with the assistance they need to find their next position quickly, please call us at 877-934-JOBS (5627) or e-mail us at: info@insurancecareerzone.com